A collection of my Autographs

My Rumiko Takahashi signed print from Japan, it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Richard Ian Cox and Monecia Stori, this was to someone named “Rob”
Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku – Signed on Volume 6, the first appearance of Miroku. He died on November 8th 2020, shortly after voicing for Yashahime Episode 1
This was signed to someone named “KC” on the inside of volume 6 at Metrocon 2009 in Tampa Florida
This was signed to someone by the name of “Brandy”, which I covered up with some acrylic, it comes with a sweet letter signed by her as well. It is signed by Jillian Michaels, the English voice of Shippou
This was signed by Morgan Berry, the English voice of Moroha. I love that she wrote “InuYasha” in it. This was wrinkled a bit in the middle by the mailman, so Morgan sent a replacement, and since then she has better envelopes – So don’t worry about them getting messed up. They will come in great shape now.
My replacement autograph print, that came in perfect condition. Thanks Morgan!
Richard Ian Cox back in 2007 San Diego Comic Con
Paul Dobson 2005 AnimeExpo