How long was Kagome in the Feudal Era?
Here I will calculate how long Kagome was in the Feudal Era. Kagome’s birthday I calculated ended up being April 30th 1981. April 30th, 1996 will be the base start for the series.
1996 is the correct translation from the Japanese version of the manga, so that is the year that I will use. For the Feudal Era I will use 1496, as it was stated in the manga that she travels 500 years back in time. In the manga opening it is stated InuYasha takes place between 1482-1558. Since there is so much inconsistencies from real life history when compared to InuYasha, I will only be using the fictional stated date because it is a world of Rumiko Takahashi’s creation that is simply inspired by some of our real life history. That doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same as text document non-fictional history. So here I will be using that. Overall it won’t change the amount of time the journey was. They even used a different calender back then, in the Sengoku era that means Kagome started her journey 1496-03-08 (Butsumetsu, 8th Yayoi 1496) (1496年弥生8日仏滅)
But if we wanted to try to make it historically accurate, she would have had to start her journey around the years 1540s-1550s.
Again, I will just be simply using 1496 for the sake of the fictional official mentions.

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In volume 1 the night before Kagome shatters the jewel and goes back to her era Kagome says it’s been two days

The next day when she returns, making it the third day Gramps confirms this in the anime of episode 3 and says “You were missing for three full days”

Kagome takes a bath, lays in bed. Says “But it was only a few hours ago I was there…”

Making it the same third day.

When we reach Vol 2 after Yura’s death. It is the next day.

We are on Day 4 now. After Sesshoumaru is defeated they get gifts from the villagers ending Volume 2.

On Volume 3 we find out they left right after getting gifts to find shikon shards. Three days since they left the village. Making this Day 7.

In Chapter “Tsukumo no Gama” night passes onto Day 8.

Next Chapter “Mask of Flesh”. It’s Day 9. Kagome spends another day in the Modern Era it’s Day 10. She said she will be back in three days.

Day 11 is another school day for her onto Day 12 another school day until the Noh mask is defeated on day 13 through midnight to morning – she’s very tired for staying up because of it during school.

Chapter “Foxfire” to the end of “With Only A Scabbard” passes around two days. It’s Day 15. Then Chapter “A Little Imp” we have a time skip of a month due to changing in school uniform. That makes it June. And that from April 30th to June 1st – It has been 32 days in her journey and two months at school. It becomes a New Moon in June. According to pre-recorded moon phases – A New Moon in “June” is on the 11th 1496.

But here we can stop – InuYasha turns human 9 times in total. Episode 13, Episode 44, Episode 57-58, Episode 66-67, the Second InuYasha movie, Episode 162, Manga Chapter 362, Chapter 412, and Episode 12 of the Final Act.

From June 11th InuYasha turns human 8 more times. Landing the last transformation we see on February 2nd. That means that from April 30th to February 2nd their journey has been 9 months 3 days. Episode 12 of the Final Act. Which is ironic because Episode 10-17 of the Final Acts ending is Diamond which is Winter themed and this is when Kagome is seen wearing her scarf –
That alone blew me away how it landed on the Winter themes of the series.

From here on out we can continue calculations backtracking onto my previous post regarding Kagome’s birthday and Japanese school terms –

In Chapter 530 Kagome graduates from Junior High. Making it March 31st. A day later passes and the Battle against Naraku starts. Kagome is then stuck in darkness for 3 days. Meaning it’s April 4th, 1997. She is still 15 here but about to turn 16. It also means that Kagome has been missing a few days of High School. This can also be confirmed while she was dreaming that she was in highschool, until it shows the reality of what is truly happening “Mrs. Higurashi, what’s happened to Kagome?! Where is she?!” “She worked so hard to pass her exams, but she hasn’t come to a single day of High School!”
We can say Kagome was in the feudal era for 11 months 5 days.

She’s in the Modern Era for 3 years. Then she returns right after she finishes high school.
She is 18 now after the 12th grade, last year of High School. That means she returns back to the Feudal Era – March 31st – the day she graduates. The year 2000.

When she returns it has been 3 years 11 months 1 day from the beginning of April 30th 1996
So she returns March 31st, 2000
and in the Feudal Era 1500-02-22 (Taian, 22nd Kisaragi 1500) (1500年如月22日大安)
In the chapter “Since Then” it is 6 months later – it has been 4 years 5 months
September 30, 1500
1500-08-27 (Butsumetsu, 27th Hazuki 1500) (1500年葉月27日仏滅)
Of course there is a day after Root Head’s defeat in that chapter, Making it October 1st. When you think about it. Yashahime starts airing October 3rd, now – isn’t that ironic?
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