Kagome Aging Theory
Reincarnation, arrows that put a half-demon to sleep for 50 years, time traveling 500 years into the past…
Two different eras meeting one anothers world
Reviving the dead…
Sacred Trees that are bound to time and connecting people
Demons are able to live hundreds of years old and still retain a young physical appearance compared to humans.
If demons can live hundreds of years old, InuYasha is half-demon and is 200 years old –
What will happen to Kagome?
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There is the possibility of Kagome being able to live longer.
Our possible answer lies not only from Kagome being born 500 years from the future
But also – within the Second InuYasha Movie

Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

In the movie, Kaguya was able to open portals and create illusions, she had many spells.

She also had the ability to freeze time.
The gang was safe from her powers because of Kagome’s items from the future.
Using Kagome’s items allowed them to be unaffected by The Mirror of Stillness.
Kaguya said “Only she seems to have a different flow of time.”
It is even mentioned in the third InuYasha Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
The subject of Saya’s seal comes up, and he says he was going to seal Sou’unga for 700 years. Saya admits to only maintaining the seal for 200 years because it was placed into the well, transporting to 500 years into the future. Beyond the well had made it 700 years.
Shippou briefly asks why doesn’t Kagome age when she passes through the well. Saya says “It is the Bone Eater’s Well swirling with demonic aura”
The subject was quickly changed after that.
To explain further – Saya’s seal was made in the Feudal Era that has a timed limit of 700, changing the year forward maxed out the limit of 700, like Saya said that he had only held onto it for 200 years. Meaning he didn’t age either, but rather time was pushed forward of his surroundings that would include the seal on Sou’unga. Traveling through the Well didn’t affect Saya himself, it also doesn’t effect Kagome. When Kagome time travels through the Well, she instantly goes from one Era to another, without aging or de-aging 500 years every time. Because time traveling back and forth doesn’t affect Kagome’s age, it’s possible that because Kagome is living in the Feudal Era, Kagome will stop aging for at least 500 years, until she naturally reaches the Modern Era, where she came from. She would then age normally like any other normal human in the Modern Era.
Remember in the first movie, “InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time” it confirms that the Well is also made from Age Tree Wood, and that the Sacred Tree is also a Tree of Ages. Which is the explanation as to how the Well has magical properties and is used as a time traveling portal. It swirls with demonic energy as it was used to dispose of bodies of demons as well as it’s own sacred power.
As it was confirmed in the Animage magazine that Rumiko Takahashi has heavy involvement in the anime and movies. It was Rumiko Takahashi’s idea for the Well to be made from Sacred Tree Wood.
I’ve also thought of the Sacred Tree or Bone Eater’s Well giving her the ability to live longer, since they are both connected to time.
Kagome could live longer because of her immense spiritual power.
Since she was born 500 years later. She could age slower than she normally would. Her physical age may be frozen at the age she started living in the Feudal era, by remaining there.
Of course, I theorized this because of how demons live hundreds of years, being half-demon and already 200 years old. So many people are concerned with InuYasha outliving Kagome by a lot. It wouldn’t bother me if she did age normally, because Kagome is important to me no matter what – But I figure we -can- come up with ideas for Kagome to live longer.
Thanks fer watching –